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u know how i showed yall about that thing u can put on cellphones to ruin someone's life? well, my parents put something called "safe eyes" that only lets us connect to the internet 30 minutes a day, no rollover minutes. and, while it's at it, it slows down the computer so it freezes all the time. i think it's intended for little children, but this computer was supposed to be me and my sisters birthday present! now our parents have full control over it, so it's not really ours anymore. it blocks sites that have games, message boards, and all sorts of stuff. they havent found out about our site yet, but when they block it, il ask my parents to unblock it because that would be horrible if i couldnt go on my OWN website! anyway, this really stinks, and i hope my parents will take it off REALLY SOON because it has practically RUINED our computer. oh, and my mom's brother suggested it to us. and of course, we HAD to install it or else he would wonder why we haven't. anyway, while all of my social connection from home is limited to 30 minutes, il probably turn into a hermit or a loner or whatever you call someone withought many friends. i will try to get my parents to take it off, because we did nothing bad before they put it on, we got all of our homework done, our grades were the same as before, we went to bed on time, all those things, then my mom's dad suggested it to my parents, and then now we have this computer disease called "safe eyes" that's meant to be used as a parental block for little children to not go on certain websites. seriously? why would our parents do this to us? we're at an age where we like to communicate, be social, everything like that! we want to have friends. i was thinking about getting a facebook, but there's no point now, because i only have 30 minutes to all all of my usual internet routines. that leaves like, no time to do anything else. it REALLY STINKS. i was also thinking about getting a steering wheel for my Trackmania games and i was thinking about buying another racing game, but there's no point now because "safe eyes" slows everything down. well, I guess since i only have 15 minutes left of internet access, i guess il have to get off. bye, and enjoy your life while you can, before your parents find out about "safe eyes". Evil or Very Mad

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Re: updates...
Post on Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:05 am  sam37
wow..that stinks. thats less time my brother and I got when we were little. we got and hour for computer and an hour for tv...during the summer. geez, you cant do anything in 30 minutes!
Re: updates...
Post on Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:45 am  Ch1k3n
Re: updates...
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